Unified Communication

The communications platform
services which
your business can depend on

The new UC way

1. Cloud based and On premise options
2. Minimal wires, connect with WiFi
3. Work on the Go
4. Always available
5. Awesome voice quality
6. Ever evolving with new features
7. Lower Capex
8. Goodbye Onsite maintenance
9. Round the clock remote support
10. The future is here, enabled with data driven approach 

Old World Way

1. Box PBX
2. Lots of wires
3. People tied to desk
4. Minimal reachability
5. Average voice quality
6. No scope of new features in a box
7. Heavy costs
8. Onsite maintenance
9. Delayed support
10. Informed decisions seemed futuristic 

3CX Innovates and Reinvents Communications
for Your business

Enhanced Mobility

Get in touch with your colleagues and clients without being tied to your desk. Using self-service and automation you can now set presence status and call routing, without the need of an I.T service desk.


Define BYOD policies for the organization for multi device support. Enabled or disable usage of softphone application within the office or out of office. Secure communication with native encryption.

One Touch Conferences

Create and manage audio and video conferences with a single click with simplistic and effective design. Experience the next wave of video conferencing with WEBRTC implementation, without the use of cumbersome applications.

Caller Connect & IVRS

Deliver responsive IVR solution based on caller feedback. Maintain and obtain better caller connect with enhanced virtual office implementation and time based availability for global servicing.

Caller Sentiment Analysis

Coach your staff to with AI based speech analysis of customer calls. Document and understand caller sentiment for improved service delivery.

CRM and SMS Services

Give your business the much needed edge with integration of UC services with CRM solutions. Reach out to more of your business with integrated SMS services.

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