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VoipHorizon is an information technology services firm, specializing in managed collaboration services for unified communications and contact centers. We bring in the much needed automation services and new age technologies of AI and ML for business improvement and recommendations.

Know more about us

The company is based out of Bangalore, India.

VoipHorizon key focus has been to automate unified communications and contact center technology towards the future of converged architecture.

Outset in the year 2014, the company has amassed a cumulative experience of over 50 years.

With the experience gained, VoipHorizon has helped business to get a head start with Digital Transformation, optimizing costs and technology upkeep.

Innovation with consistent performance, are the foundation to VoipHorizon working.

Key enterprise partnership works in tandem with organization's core business, and help deliver network services and hardware product line for every business case. VoipHorizon is a one stop shop for your entire office business communication.

VoipHorizon intends to expand in business technologies for voice solutions, automation and IoT trends for the foreseeable future. In recent history VoipHorizon has acquired key partnerships to deliver competitive and scalable solutions.

Why our clients prefer us

Business value, Commitment to client's cause and Outreach has always made us a preferred choice

Modern enterprise communication infrastructure is tied to many legacy systems which create hurdles rather than creating noble ranks with cutting edge technology. These hurdles make you miss an important communication and client calls. Our solutions provide you seamless communication without the need for changing your infrastructure and hardware systems.

Business communications are hardware bound. This restricts communication to one location and increase difficulty for the employees.

Our solutions provide seamless communication to you, irrespective of your location. This connects your branch offices and on-field employees without incurring extra hardware costs.

Hardware bound communication solutions lead to higher cost of ownership.
With our software based solution, you save on – CAPEX by limiting hardware dependencies OPEX by utilizing automation functions of the solution and Maximize gains by utilizing ever incremental software features for your Business.

Our technological expertise is agile and provides you the best consultation. VoipHorizon helps quickly understand customer’s business needs, which further drives the confidence within us.
Our focus is customer interaction. With ever unique business and technology strategy for our clients, we offer them partnership and drive service improvements with proven metrics.
Customer’s success is always our motto; we get the possibility to continue our journey with our client success, not just today but over time.